Mistifyer 35 Anti-Drip System™ Indoor/Outdoor Mist CreatorZoom

Mistifyer 35 Anti-Drip System™ Indoor/Outdoor Mist Creator

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For Indoor/Outdoor Use - Most Popular!

35 Nozzles 2' fog/mist, non-drip quick response with filtered water - 120v

The Jungle Mist Anti-Drip System, which now comes in several models, is the first flexible system engineered specifically for the theater. Talk about wetting your whistle! Depending on the system ordered, you can have light, medium, or heavy haze, form fog curtains, produce three dimensional images by projecting on the mist, keep dust down, and design unlimited shapes. Will operate up to 300' away (600' with the Senior) with the flexible, snap together tubing. No plumbing needed. All you need us H20. Great for dry throats in air-conditioning or heated environments.

The Jungle Mist pump will operate with up to 300' of tubing and 35 fine, 30 regular, or 25 heavy spray mist nozzles.


1 Pump - 1 gallon per minut at 800 p.s.i., with 2 solenoids (quiet) with wheels

1 Filter with separate connecting tubing and hose attachment

35 Fine Nozzles with anti-drip & push-connector fitting (.008)

35 x 26" Straight High-Pressure Black Tubing (attached to nozzles)

1 50' Roll of Black Tubing (thick wall, high pressure nylon 3/8" OD)

1 Tubing Cutter

4 End Plugs (fits into push-connector)

3 90° Elbows

3 3-Way Connectors (for manifolds)

1 4-Way Connector

1 Low-pressure Drain

Hose Tubing

Straps or tie-wraps to anchor line.

Instructions to assemble in 15 min.

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