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JEM Glaciator Dynamic

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Martin JEM Glaciator Dynamic

Smaller, quieter, and capable of taking low-fog to more locations—the live event industry’s leading low-fog machine returns with its most significant upgrade in over a decade. Martin JEM Glaciator Dynamic is your complete solution for creating dense, billowy clouds of low-lying fog in any venue without the use of industrial gases or ice. Achieve lush fog on stage with longer-lasting effects. Reduce noise with near-silent operation, perfect for theatrical applications. Enjoy more room backstage with an all-new, more compact design. And tour the world with an updated universal power supply. With a full range of premium accessories, three low-fog fluid types to choose from, and streamlined user controls, you can create dramatic atmospheric effects for your production in moments. Just plug in, set the stage, and amaze.

•Completely self-contained low-fog system—no industrial gases or ice

•Closed-loop refrigeration for colder, dense, longer-lasting low-fog

•Ultra-quiet operation, including low ambient noise in standby
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