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Clay Paky SuperSharpy
Clay Paky SuperSharpy
Clay Paky SuperSharpy
Item#: CPC61390
List Price: $10,500.00
Sale Price: $9,450.00

Product Description:
Clay Paky SuperSharpy with Lamp and Omega Brackets

After the Sharpy’s extraordinary worldwide success, Clay Paky is now launching the Supersharpy, an ACL beam type moving head featuring a 470 watt, 7,800 K lamp. If you have been amazed at how bright the Sharpy is, the Supersharpy will leave you literally stunned. Its light beam is nothing short of three times brighter, with a far bigger difference than you would expect by simply comparing the rated wattage of the two lamps (470 vs 190). Thanks to this incredible output, the Supersharpy’s light reaches never-seen-before mid-air distances, making the Supersharpy the first low-wattage beam light that can really challenge a searchlight.

However Clay Paky has not settled for merely producing a “more powerful beam light”. The Supersharpy also provides the utmost in terms of light quality and number of effects.