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PowerPak 5000
PowerPak 5000
PowerPak 5000
Item#: PP31
List Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $57.00

Product Description:
Gantom PowerPak 5000 Power Supply

The PowerPak 5000 is a UL listed 60W power supply that can power up to 32 Precision Z or Precision Alpha fixtures, up to 12 Precision DMX fixtures, up to 10 Gantom One fixtures, or up to 10 Gantom DMX fixtures. Included is a DC to screw terminal adapter which allows for easy wire splicing to multiple fixtures.

Please note that we do not recommend loading the PowerPak 5000 to more than 80% of its 60W maximum. This is to ensure the best lifespan for the lights and the power supply as well as to compensate for losses in the wiring and minor power fluctuations which result from a dynamically changing power load.