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Finally -- bright, pure white from an LED fixture, plus cool hues and warm colors for natural skin tones.

Lustr® is the white light specialist in the Selador Series. Think watercolors – warm or cool pure white light slowly evolving into the softest tints and color shadings. In Lustr, the x7 Color System is optimized to produce theatrical-quality whites and tints that render pigments and skintones in their natural appearance. For key and fill light applications the Lustr features a yoke for one- and two-cell fixtures as well as frosted optics for a soft beam of light that blends well with your existing Source Fours. The Lustr’s subtle tinting capability is also the perfect solution for lighting scenery.

Lustr 11" Led Fixture
Lustr 21" LED Fixture
Lustr 42" LED Fixture
Lustr 63" LED Fixture