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iColor Flex SL RGB LED Strings
iColor Flex SL RGB LED StringsiColor Flex SL RGB LED Strings
iColor Flex SL RGB LED Strings
Item#: 101-00005X-XX

Product Description:
iColor® Flex SL is a multi-purpose, LED-based strand of light that generates extraordinary effects without the constraints of fixture size, shape or space. It enables patterns and video on almost any interior or exterior surface – ceilings, floors, three-dimensional objects, sculptures, and more.

50 individually controllable tri-color LED nodes Each node powered by Chromasic® for granular control and self-addressing Standard nodes spacing is 4” (10.1 cm) or 12” (30.5 cm) Custom on-center spacing is available up to 12” (30.5 cm) Translucent or clear dome Indoor/outdoor rated

Available Models & Item Numbers: 101-000018-00 (4'' white, translucent dome) 101-000018-01 (4'' white, clear dome) 101-000021-00 (4'' black, translucent dome) 101-000021-01 (4'' black, clear dome) 101-000026-00 (12'' white, translucent dome) 101-000026-01 (12" white, clear dome) 101-000027-00 (12'' black, translucent dome) 101-000027-01 (12'' black, clear dome)

Product Benefits: Cost-effective means for producing medium-resolution Video with Light™ Breaks spatial boundaries for completely new applications Flexible form factor accommodates unique lighting installations, including three-dimensional shapes, logos, signage, sculptures Maximum lighting control Available as an independent system or as a component for custom fixtures