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iColor Cove QLX, 6", Wide Beam Angle
iColor Cove QLX, 6", Wide Beam AngleiColor Cove QLX, 6", Wide Beam Angle
iColor Cove QLX, 6", Wide Beam Angle
Item#: 101-000066-02

Product Description:
iColor Cove® QLX is a low voltage, linear fixture delivering medium intensity, color changing illumination for cove and back lighting applications. From large-scale commercial installations to simpler residential applications, iColor Cove QLX generates saturated, uniform color and customizable effects within alcoves, task areas, accent areas, and other confined spaces. Employing Chromasic technology, iColor Cove QLX has the capability of auto-addressing, which simplifies installation, addressing and programming.

Product Benefits:

Contractor friendly – easy to install track Industry leading controls – ease of setting up effects Flexible angle of installation – 180° rotation of light output Two beam widths: 120° x 120° or 100° x 40° Common form factor – shares form factor and mounting track with eW™ Cove Powercore Excellent color mixing – at 2" distance and no shadowing between fixtures in a long run Attractive price performance