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Hoglet 4 Consolette
Hoglet 4 Consolette
Hoglet 4 Consolette
Item#: 61040064
List Price: $3,700.00
Sale Price: $3,700.00
Optional Road Case: 

Product Description:
High End Systems Hoglet 4 Consolette

Our most compact Hog yet! The Hoglet 4 is a compact wing, designed for tight spaces and small productions such as clubs, churches and small concert venues. Combine the Hoglet 4 with Hog 4 PC and you are ready to rock!

Even a seasoned Wholehog programmer will feel right at home on the Hoglet 4, as it has a programming surface similar to its larger brothers. Combine Hoglet 4, Hog 4 PC and a touchscreen and you have a proper, full-fledged lighting console with four DMX ports and four encoders built in.

Hoglet 4 is also a great companion to the Rack Hog 4, as it makes operating a show in a confined space or programming fixed-installations a breeze.