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Hoglet 4 Lighting Console
Hoglet 4 Lighting Console
Hoglet 4 Lighting Console
Item#: 61040064
Regular Price: $3,700.00
Sale Price: $3,700.00

Product Description:
High End Systems Hoglet 4 Lighting Control Console

More compact and more competitive than its predecessor Nano!

Coupled with Hog 4 PC, the Hoglet Wing provides the user with a single unified surface, turning a laptop or desktop into a fully-fledged, powerful and intuitive lighting console. Any computer running Hog 4 PC can connect to the Hoglet over USB creating a state of the art control surface. Utilizing a similar front panel to all Hog 4 products users will feel right at home. The main play column has also been moved back to the more traditional center of the wing.