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HedgeHog 4X Lighting Control Console
HedgeHog 4X Lighting Control Console
HedgeHog 4X Lighting Control Console
Item#: 61020014
List Price: $8,625.00
Sale Price: $8,625.00
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Product Description:
High End Systems HedgeHog 4X Lighting Console

HedgeHog 4 consoles might be small but they pack a serious punch! Built for travel (even on a plane), these consoles are compact and lightweight - perfect for new users and smaller venues. School theaters, nightclubs, corporate events, medium-scale rental events and houses of worship are the HedgeHog 4ís natural habitat. HedgeHog 4 consoles share the same programming layout and capability as their larger brothers, and can happily load show files from any console in the range.

There are two models - the base-level HedgeHog 4 and the expanded HedgeHog 4X. Both have an internal 12.1-inch multi-touch monitor, ten faders and four encoder wheels. The 4X has expanded networking capabilities and external monitor support out of the box, while HedgeHog 4 users can perform a software update to unlock the 4X features at a later date. As a bonus, all HedgeHog 4 and 4X consoles include a license-free version of Light Converse visualization software.