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DarkBox Flicker V2
DarkBox Flicker V2
DarkBox Flicker V2
Item#: DB12
List Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $104.50

Product Description:
Gantom DarkBox Flicker V2 Controller

The DarkBox Flicker is a powerful, yet easy to use, special effects pattern generator and dimmer for LEDs. Single button operation allows the user to easily select different output patterns such as candle flicker, power surge flicker, blink, strobe, and brightness levels. Clicking the button cycles through the various modes while holding the button down chooses the brightness of each mode. Over 15 mode and speed combinations to choose from. The DarkBox Flicker’s memory allows the device to resume the previously selected pattern even when power is cut and restored.

The V2 features a new machined aluminum body to protect the unit in harsh environments as well as an upgraded MOSFET that allows for higher current capacity and protects against output short circuits.