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Braq Cube 4C
Braq Cube 4C
Braq Cube 4C
Item#: BraqCube4C
List Price: $1,260.00
Sale Price: $1,197.00
Fixture Color:  Optional Power Cord:  Optional Double Yoke Assembly:  Optional Accessory Holder:  Optional Top Hat:  Optional Egg Crate:  Option Barn Doors: 

Product Description:
Rosco Braq Cube 4C

Choice of Black or White Fixture Color Housing.

Choice of Power Cord or No Power Cord.

Size matters - and Braq Cubes deliver where others can't! The Braq Cube 4C packs an unprecedented 100 watts of color-mixing output into just a 5 inch cube! Despite its surprisingly small size, the Braq Cube designed by The Black Tank pushes out more than enough light to replace conventional wash lights in broadcast studios, on stage, in film sets or in commercial architectural installations. Using the best-in-class RGBW quad-chip emitters, the Braq Cube 4C produces a gorgeous palette of saturated, mid-tone and pale tint colors that can be dialed in at the touch of a button. Thanks to the high quality of the emitters, the Braq Cube 4C is also capable of mixing a "true white" that is superior to the unflattering mixed amber compromise found in other color mixing lights. The single chip optic eliminates multi-colored shadows and creates a powerful, fully blended color wash wherever the designer needs it.