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MediaMaster Pro 5 (Boxed)
MediaMaster Pro 5 (Boxed)
MediaMaster Pro 5 (Boxed)
List Price: $2,089.00
Sale Price: $1,880.10

Product Description:
ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5 (Boxed)

The NEW MediaMaster Pro 5.0 with MediaHub!

Featuring up to 36 layers, this Professional Media Server Software turns any powerful computer into a full-fledged professional media server capable of running video shows in sync on multiple servers.

Introducing MediaMaster Pro 5! Features: 36 Layers, MediaHub for network sharing, LEDMapper 3 with unicast, Lyric Player, Art-Net, Kling-Net, DMX, MIDI and time code. Combining maximum functionality with simplicity of operation, the new ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0 retains the user-friendly and broad functionality that has become the trademark of the ArKaos product range.

The MediaHub is a new extension designed to run with MediaMaster Express or MediaMaster Pro. Users can remotely control the content of the MediaMaster Library. Itís designed to run on the network so a light designer in the front of the house can upload, update and delete content on the server located backstage. Itís also ideally designed for rental companies that need to copy, backup and restore libraries when preparing servers for new customers.

The MediaHub can also be used to monitor the performance of a server during a live show to ensure a smooth experience. The final product is an intuitive and powerful interface thanks to the dedication and attention to detail from our developers.